Hula 4 Fun

Thinking of having a hula birthday party? Well, it's a great idea. Good fun will be had by all little hula dancers, boys and girls alike. They will learn mea Hawaii (things Hawaiian) taught to them by an experienced Hula Dancer in full costume. Lessons include...

35+ minutes of Hula Fun
  • Hula dress up
  • Basics in Hula movement
  • Basics in Hula hand motions
  • Learn a Hula
  • Learn Hawaiian Words
  • Learn Hawaiian History
  • Hands on Hula implement demonstration
  • Solo performance of Hula learned by students
  • Fun and fast paced
  • Fun for parents to watch too
Your Hula Party Specialist!
Great for all ages! Local (Hawaiian Style) and Dependable

For more information in the Sacramento Valley area please call Maka at
(916) 612-5272

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