Hula 4 Fun

A great age for a fun hula party. Hula dancers will learn mea Hawaii (Things Hawaiian) taught to them by an experienced Hula Dancer in full costume. Lessons include...

45+ minutes of Hula Fun
  • Hula skirts and leis to be used during hula performance
  • Basics in Hula movement
  • Basics in Hula hand motions
  • Learn a hula
  • Learn Hawaiian Words
  • Learn Hawaiian History
  • Hands on Hula implement use
  • Introduction to the poi of New Zealand (soft balls made of tissue strung on yarn) (area permitting)
  • Solo performance of hula learned by students (great for videotaping)
  • Fun and Educational
Your Hula Party Specialist!
Great for all ages! Local (Hawaiian Style) and Dependable

For more information in the Sacramento Valley area please call Maka at
(916) 612-5272

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